The Marriage...

"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven" ~ Karen Sunde 1942


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One of life's most beautiful moments is the vision of a bride walking toward her husband to be. A special moment in time which captivates the essence of love and happiness and will remain in your hearts forever, so it is only fitting that your wedding ceremony truly captures and portrays your love and lifetime commitment to each other.

Once you have chosen your date and place of venue, it is important to book your Celebrant as early as possible. The next step is to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form which must be received by me one month prior to your wedding along with copies of your identification eg. Birth certificates, international passports and divorce certificates. I will take care of all the legalities so that you can enjoy the fun part of planning your wedding.

For your guidance and inspiration, my wedding resource folder offers an extensive selection of introductions, vows, readings and verses as well as symbolic ceremonies. When I receive confirmation of your booking, I will email my resource folder to you and together we will craft a ceremony that will reflect your love and individuality.

Remember I am here to assist you in any way I can and my service includes unlimited consultation. I certainly look forward to being a part of your special day and wish you all the best!




palm cove elopementpalm cove elopements

Palm Cove is the most popular destination for elopements and intimate ceremonies and has a wonderful choice of accommodation and array of restaurants to suit all budgets. Neighbouring Clifton Beach or Trinity Beach are also stunning for ceremonies and provides a quieter and more peaceful setting as it is a residential area.

About 70% of my couples elope, it is either just the two of them or they bring a few close friends and family members to share their special day.

You will need two witnesses to attend your wedding and sign the Marriage Certificates if its just the two of you. They must speak English and be over the age of 18. If you have a photographer and a wedding planner, they can act as your witnesses.

I can provide witnesses for you as I have friends who really enjoy participating. However, as it is illegal to pay a witness to attend a wedding, all I suggest is that you buy a small gift such as a bottle of wine or box of chocolates as a thank you for their time.

Should you wish to be your own coordinator, please visit my resource page for referrals for all your wedding requirements. I work with these people on a regular basis and they come highly recommended.


Commitment Ceremonies...

"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes but no plans" ~ Peter Drucker


A Commitment Ceremony with your life partner provides an opportunity to declare and acknowledge your love, dedication and commitment to each other in the presence of family and friends. It is a deeply meaningful, empowering and personally satisfying way to acknowledge and celebrate the significance and permanence of your union.


The format of a Commitment Ceremony is similar to a wedding ceremony without the legal requirements, thereby making it ideal for same sex unions. It may include readings, the exchanging of rings or other symbols of love and song.

As your Celebrant, I will provide you with an extensive resource of verses, poems and sample ceremonies as well as various symbolic rituals such as handfasting, blending of the sands, candle lighting and ring warming. Together we will create a truly meaningful and memorable Commitment Ceremony that reflects your love and aspirations as a couple.

A Certificate commemorating your Commitment and a copy of the Ceremony will be presented on the day.

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows...

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"Love is the essence of life"


The Renewal of Vows Ceremony is an ideal way for you to celebrate the significant milestones of your relationship. Often a special anniversary is a reason to celebrate your love and confirm your commitment to each other.

It can also provide an opportunity to involve your family and friends as you reflect and enjoy shared experiences from years past. It is not a legal ceremony, but an expression of your dedication, a celebration of your love and dreams for your future.

If you married overseas or interstate, a Renewal of Vows Ceremony can also be the perfect way to share your celebration with family and friends who were unable to attend your wedding.

As your celebrant, I provide a resource folder with a selection of readings and poems and together we can either recreate elements of your wedding ceremony or introduce something fresh and new that represents you both and the journey you have made together.

At conclusion of the ceremony, you will be presented with a Renewal of Vows Certificate to commemorate the occasion.

Name Giving

Name Giving Ceremony...


A Naming Ceremony has long been the rite which society has used to welcome a child into the family and is similar in every culture across the world.

Today, Civil Celebrants provide families with a wonderful opportunity to officially welcome their child into a loving circle of family and friends in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Relationships within families are often deepened by preparing a thoughtfully composed ceremony with the participation of the parents and Godparents or mentors, as well as other family members.

As your Celebrant, I provide a resource folder containing an extensive selection of poems, reading and verses as well as sample ceremonies. Family and cultural traditions can be included in the ceremony such as candle lighting, fairies, wish bowl or sand ceremony.

I am committed to providing you with a beautifully crafted ceremony and a fun and loving celebration.

On the day your child's name will be entered into a Naming Register and will be signed by parents, celebrant and others chosen to fulfill specific roles such as godparents, guardians or mentors. Your child will receive a Naming Certificate.